Wait…fire extinguishers do expire???

Fire extinguishers are a must-have fire safety feature for all businesses and non-domestic premises. Although most establishments have at least one fire extinguisher in stock, many people forget how long they have had them. Fire extinguishers, if kept in a very good condition, can have a lifespan of over 20+ years. On an average, in sunny, tropical Singapore, if an extinguisher is exposed to outdoor elements, the expected life span can range around 5-15 years instead. You can look for the tag, for the expiration date and manufacturer’s instructions. But just because of the long shelf life does not mean you should not check them on a regular basis. Fire Extinguisher maintenance must be performed at least once a year. Like most equipment, fire extinguishers can become defective if they have been stored for too long: it is strongly advised that they undergo routine checks in all locations to ensure that they are still functioning to capacity. You can also inspect your fire extinguisher for the following signs of damage:
• Crack on the hose or nozzle
• Broken, missing or wobbly handle
• Missing or unsealed pin
• Dented or rusted cylinder
• Absence of inspection tag
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